Followed by my last English post “bewilderment”, I’m thrilling to find the right path to go on. I suddenly realized that during my high school times, one of my roommates recommended me to watch CLANNAD (short for CL later). I refused for overwhelming pressure several months before college entrance examination. But now I’m free but depressed, I think it’s just the time to watch it in order to guide my heart.

This is the 3rd anime I watched besides Working Cells and Future Diary. After ten days striving not to weep, I succeeded. Unlike others said that the anime brings you tears, I prefer it gives you warmth and courage during rough times. (Maybe I haven’t been struggling in a hard situation so there’s no empathy for me to cry.) CL, as is shown in title, tells a story of several families, the transformation through time. It’s just a brief summary of life, although kind of idealized.

I’m here to talk about some profound sentences and try to seize the essence of the story, otherwise they would be erode by time again.

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使用的是dev c++中TDM-GCC 4.9.2 32-bit Debug编译器,其他新版本的编译器做了安全优化,我智商斗不过它们,就放弃了。

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This is my first time to write a post in English. There are three advantages.

  • I can deliver my message to whom I really want to tell.

  • It’s a way to prepare for my CET4 exam.

  • Jumping between two input methods is annoying.

In the future, there will be more and more posts like this. Due to my poor writing vocabulary (less than 4000, while my reading & listening is nearly 15000), readers who have passed the CET4 exam might be enough to read the following text.

Last night I learned that my high school classmate ymq won Noether Award, a math prize for female enthusiasts in high school. I’m really grateful for her achievement and winning the glory for cdqz. However, it is her first sentence that stimulates me and makes me in deep thought.

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